The Lindbergh Children

Christian Apologetics For Our Generation


This site was made for you and me. I am a born again christian. I also happen to not be a square. I love to live and do things just as you do. I dance, rock out, drink, play sports, live in the 21st century. Several Christian resources, Bible Studies, Fellowships, and groups fail to touch on contemporary issues that concern all of us.

I hope to bring you hope, new insight, and relieve questions or prehaps even guilt. It is the job of many pastors and resources to not go too much in depth on your lifestyle and how you can honor God and battle your demons while living in todays society. More often than not, “feeling the pressures” of a secular society is mistaken for “giving into the pressures” of secular society. Tolerance is mistaken for “backsliding”. Individual sins unavoidable by all are singled out by the insecure. The Lindbergh Children is for anyone who thought bad things about Christians and want to have a different opinion. The Lindbergh Children is for fellow Christians to come learn about, and discuss the word in a language and manner that relates to us who are living in the now. From 15 year olds to 95 year olds, I hope you can learn something. I pray that God speaks to you from these words to give you new or stronger understanding of his plan for you on this earth and in heaven. We at The Lindbergh Children are having our own walks with the Lord, and would like to share our experience, our questions, and our findings with you. We are not pastors, we did not go to seminary. While we do not wish to distort the word or take any liberties, we do want to make sure find a positive realistic Christian experience.

If you would like to see a certain subject or Bible verse discussed or if you have any questions you may e-mail me at

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